Anything Can Happen at SAK Comedy Lab

So recently two teens decided to throw caution to the winds and make their prom proposals from the stage of SAK Comedy Lab.  The video generated some interest, and got picked up by the Orlando Sentinel...

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The Bicycle Piano

Boy, was this the most fun of gigs - I played ragtime piano on a specially made mobile chassis called The Bicycle Piano - not really a bicycle, more like a backward tricycle.  To move the contraption you pedalled a unicycle that was fixed to the chassis. To turn, you turned the unicycle wheel in the OPPOSITE direction you wanted to go - and to use the damper pedal on the piano you had to pedal the thing with one foot.  This particular recording wasn't my best  -- I'd just started the gig a month before -- but it got better as the years went by - I did seven contracts over 11 years at TDL, and still long to once again pedal and play...

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Hoop Dee Doo!

This is the show I often perform as pianist at Walt Disney World. This Disney clip gives an overview of the show. It's my favorite show to perform on Disney property!

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My TDL Big Band Show

This was the hip Big Band show I fronted at Tokyo Disneyland.  23 piece big band -- awesome! I have a solo a few minutes in that I'm particularly proud of...

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Carnival Cruise Line Commercial

Here I am playing piano in a Carnival Cruise Line national commercial. All you see is the back of my head, but it was enough to get me my SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) invite letter...

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Mickey's Birthday in Tokyo, Japan

While braving the Tokyo winter I  had the pleasure of playing the bicycle piano during Mickey Mouse's birthday celebration at Tokyo Disneyland.  Here's an old YouTube video so that you can enjoy the celebration.

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