Florence Foster Jenkins

So, for the a few weekends in February 2019, I performed in the play “Souvenir” at the Historic State Theater in Eustis. I played Cosme McMoon, a fifty something year old gay pianist. Libby Sellers is Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy New York socialite who sang opera with confidence, blissfully unaware she had no actual talent — FFJ, not Libby, Libby has talent.

In the 2016 movie “Florence Foster Jenkins” there’s a scene early on in which Hugh Grant slips a $50 into the ticket envelope for the New York Post theater critic hoping to influence his review. In hindsight I wonder if I should have done the same for Matt Palm — not that it would have mattered, come to think of it. Matt’s too honest. It’s a fault of his, really. Matt’s review is below.

(Thanks for sacrificing your Super Bowl Sunday to come out to see us, Matt — evidently we both missed an exciting game...)

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